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Hayfever relief…….from your blinds!

pollergenIf you are like me then you love the summer, but for me and millions of others across the UK  there is a down side.

HAYFEVER, sore eyes, running nose and generally feeling rough. 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from hayfever with suffering being caused by the allergen in grass pollen.

I dread those hot summer nights when the wife wants the windows open, but you know by morning you are going to feel terrible. My hayfever gets that bad that I need an annual injection from the doctors because the tablets just don’t work.

Extra relief is now available……… from blinds!  The Uk’s most forward thinking blind fabric suppliers LOUVOLITE have created a unique fabric treatment called ‘Pollergen’ .

Pollergen treated fabric are available for both vertical blinds and roller blinds.

How does Pollergen work?

Pollen, by its very nature is tacky and will stick to any surface it comes into contact with. Pollergen helps to increase this capture rate by the inclusion of a tackifier within its formula.

Once captured, the unique pollergen formulation will denature up to 50% of the grass pollen- essentially it kills the active element rendering the affected pollen absolutely harmless to sufferers.

Does it really do the job? 

Independent testing by the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, trusted by the BBC for their daily pollen count reports, has concluded that a Pollergen treated fabric shows up to 50% reduction in grass pollen allergen when compared to a non Pollergen treated fabric. So yes it really does work.

Pollergen treated fabrics are the most stylish and trend setting blind fabrics on the market.

So there is no reason to compromise your style to reduce your hayfever symptoms.

I love the thought that our blinds can truly help the well being of our customers.