Are Hillarys Blinds expensive?

PAGE UPDATED **28/02/18** We’ve updated our tips and advice on the question: are Hillarys blinds expensive? It can be difficult to determine as Hillarys are a franchise so the service you’ll receive will vary quite a lot. But here is our best guidance on this. Are Hillarys Blinds expensive is a question I get asked […]

Where to buy blinds

Where to buy blinds will depend on several factors. Do you need the blinds quickly? How much do you want to pay for your blinds (Your budget) How much of the work do you want to do yourself. Selection of colours and fabrics. Where to buy blinds: How quickly do you need your blinds? Where […]

Blind Showroom: Worth the effort?

Visiting a window blind showroom….Worth a look or a waste of time ?   Getting in the car, driving several miles across town,  and trying to find somewhere to park, just to visit a ‘local’ window blind showroom. That’s a lot of hassle I agree especially when most companies will bring the samples to your […]

Which blinds would suit your pets?

Just had a really interesting conversation with a lady who needed new blinds for her home. The interesting part of the conversation was that the blinds needed to suit her pets. There was no interest in what style of blind most suited her windows it was all about the cats. Choosing blinds with pets to consider is […]