Wooden Venetian Blinds: Are they suitable for every room?

A question we get ask a lot ‘Are wooden Venetians suitable for every room in my house?”

The simple answer is yes, but to get the perfect blinds for each room you need to look at the different types of wooden blinds that are available.

Did you know there are Privacy wooden blinds that are perfect for bedrooms and faux wood blinds that are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

You have probably visited people’s home where they have had the same wooden Venetians all through the house, this makes the salesman’s job nice and easy but doesn’t always provide the best solutions for the buyer.

As mentioned earlier there are different styles of wooden blinds that are more suitable for different rooms.

Privacy Blinds……..Perfect for bedrooms

Privacy blinds are designed for people who like the look of a wooden blind but want their bedrooms as dark as possible.

Unlike standard wooden Venetians privacy wood have no holes in the wooden slats, this has 2 benefits, firstly with no holes the light transmitted into the room is reduced, and secondly the fact the raise/lower cord does not run through the centre of the slats means that when the blind is closed the slats sit closer together again reducing the light that enters the room.

Quick tip: If you like the idea of having standard wooden blinds throughout your home you might consider having tapes instead of ladder strings for your bedroom blinds as the tapes will cover the holes in slats which will reduce some light entering the room.

Faux wood blinds…….Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms

These blinds are designed to give the look of traditional wooden blinds but are actually made from PVC which makes them waterproof and much easier to keep clean.

Traditional wooden blinds are never the best in moist condition and can be prone to the slats warping, this will never be an issue with the faux wood blinds.

When I said wooden Venetians were suitable in every room there are a couple of exceptions.

Patio Doors, there are 2 main reasons why I wouldn’t recommend wooden Venetians for patio door areas, firstly the stack of the blinds when they are pulled up.

The average stack of a 50mm slat wooden venetian with a 2000mm drop would be around 300mm, this means you would need to duck under the blinds everytime you came in or out of the door.

The other issue with blinds of this size is their weight, wooden Venetians can be very heavy to raise and lower and a blind drop of 2000mm or more would be difficult for some people to pull up.

The other area I really would not recommend you have wooden Venetians is conservatories. Wood does not cope well with extremes of temperature, and some conservatories certainly have that, very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, these extreme temperatures could cause the slats to warp or split.

I hope this information helps you when it comes to choosing the right blinds for you.