Buying new blinds: Simple tips for perfect blinds

Investing in stylish new window blinds will make such a difference to the appearance of your home, it is worth taking a little time and asking the right questions.

When making the decision to buy new blinds you must put your trust… well as your money, with somebody, and selecting the ‘right’ somebody isn’t necessarily straight forward.

Many times we have heard customers say “Blinds are all the same, we can’t understand why prices vary so much”

This perception shows a lack of information when purchasing that is only going to achieve 3 things….

1. A “bargain price”

2. Poor quality blinds, and of course……

3. Disappointment.

Investing in new blinds is really about you….. Your personality, your lifestyle and your family. The company you choose must take all of these things into account.

Tip 1. Where possible you should compare ‘like with like’…… A lot of the components that cheapen the cost of the blinds are not always visible, but will have a huge impact on the reliability and lifespan of your blinds. So look a little closer.

Tip 2. Use and practicality…….. Choosing the right blind/fabric for each room is important, if the fabric or blind isn’t suitable or doesn’t perform the function you require you will be disappointed and may end up replacing the blinds with the one’s you should have bought in the first place. Give your supplier as much information as possible.

Tip 3. Do your homework…… Where possible visit the supplier’s showroom, you will get a feel for the company and their products. Look for recommendations these will give you an insight into the company.

Tip 4. Build a relationship…… To get the best out of any blind supplier you should always try and maintain a friendly but professional rapport. Their advice is usually in your best interest.

Following these simple tips will help ensure that you chose the right company, and have blinds that will last.