What blinds are in style 2018?

When it comes to what blinds are in style 2018,  we have seen a real change not only in blind design but also in how we want to operate our blinds.


The more traditional blinds have had to change to suit our modern lifestyles.

The humble roller blind now has a very modern version called Night and Day, Vision or Twist Blinds.

These modern versions have a double fabric so unlike the traditional roller blind that is either up or down, they allow you to line the voile panels up so you can still have your privacy whilst letting more light into your home.

The Pirouette blind was also introduced in 2018, which again moves the traditional roller blind in to the modern world.

The Pirouette rolls up and down like a traditional roller blind, but has an added bonus that will allow more light to enter your room.

Vertical Blinds have also had a modern twist when it comes to what blinds are in style 2018.

Vertical blinds have often been seen as a little dated, so the introduction of Allusion this year has made the vertical blind both trendy and practical. Allusion combines the look and feel of curtains with the practicality of a vertical blind.

Another trend we are seeing when it comes to what blinds are in style 2018 are integrated blinds than actually look part of your windows or doors, but have no cords or chains, creating a very modern, minimalist look.


So as you can see when it comes to what blinds are in style 2018 there have been some fantastic innovations in 2018. How you operate your blinds has also change to keep up with our modern lifestyle.

Our Powerview range can be operated from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world (Perfect when you are on holiday and you want people to think you are at home).

Ever fancied talking to your blinds to make them open or close? Well now you can with the Powerview range of blinds and a little help from Amazon Alexa.

So a visit to your local window blind showroom could be well worth it with all of these new and stylish additions for 2018.

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