Barlow Blinds Showroom
Barlow Blinds Showroom

Blind Showroom: Worth the effort?

Visiting a window blind showroom….Worth a look or a waste of time ?

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Getting in the car, driving several miles across town,  and trying to find somewhere to park, just to visit a ‘local’ window blind showroom.

That’s a lot of hassle I agree especially when most companies will bring the samples to your door and you could chose your blinds from the comfort of your home.

I honestly believe that the effort it takes to visit your local blind showroom is well worth it.

Not just because we have one but in my opinion there is no better way of finding exactly the right blinds for you.

It still amazes me the amount of money people are willing to hand over to someone who turns up at their door with a few pattern books.

We come across companies who have great sales people but their product, installation and backup does not match their sales pitch.

The sad thing is you only realise that after you’ve bought the blinds.

For any company to invest in a bricks and mortar blind showroom they have to be totally confident in their products, their service and their staff.

This is a great start to finding a company that can supply and install your blinds.

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Doing a little homework.

Doing a little homework before buying your new blinds is the best way of ensuring you get the right blinds that suit your needs.

The internet is a great way of finding information, but there is nothing quite like touching, feeling and operating the blinds you are thinking of buying.

If you take some rough measurements with you then they can give you some prices on your preferred options.

Meet the staff and pick their brains

You also get the opportunity to pick the brains of the showroom staff, many of our visitors have an idea of the type of blinds they require, around 40% leave with a completely different blind style that better suits their needs

That is something that rarely happens when we visit a client’s home as it is difficult to picture the different types of blinds.

You can only really make an informed decision once you’ve seen and operated all of the available options for your style of windows, how they work, how they fit and how they control the light.

Visiting a  blind showroom is more about getting the right style of blind for you rather than making choices with the colours.

That is something better done in your home as it is easier to compare the colours with your furniture, wallpaper, carpets, tiles or anything else that we want the blinds to co-ordinate with.

So visit the showroom, spend sometime choosing the right style of blinds, then arrange for an advisor to visit so you can finalise your colours

Keeping it local

Another interesting fact is that the blind showroom you visit will be a local company, and for every pound spent in a local independent store, 70p stays in the local economy, that is 65p more than a pound spent with a national company.

That’s a fantastic added bonus to buying locally.