Barlow Blinds Showroom
Barlow Blinds Showroom

Best place to buy blinds? 4 things you need to decide.

Best place to buy blinds will depend on 4 things:

  1. Speed…How quickly do you need your blinds?
  2. Price… Have you got a budget you need to stick to?
  3. Your DIY ability… How much work are you able to do yourself?
  4. Choice… Do you have something particular in mind?

Lets take each point in turn.

The best place to buy blinds if you need them quickly is your local DIY store or some supermarkets.

They will have blinds on their shelves that you can take away today.

If you need blinds made to your exact sizes then the internet is the place to go. Many internet blind companies offer a next day service.

The longest wait would be a measure and install service. In our case we could get someone out to measure within a couple of days and you could have your blinds installed by us a week or so after the measuring visit.

The best place to buy blinds if you are on a budget is the same as above.

Blinds that are on a shelf at a DIY store would be the most cost effective.

Internet blind companies would generally be the most cost effective when it comes to made to measure blinds.

The most expensive option is the measure and install service because they take full responsibility, You are paying for someone to visit your home, measure your windows, show you samples, then fit your blinds and offer an on site guarantee. This will all add to the cost.

The best place to buy blinds if you are confident in your DIY ability again is similar to the other 2.

The DIY store is great if you are confident in your ability to measure your window accurately, cut the blind to size as an off the shelf blind will never be an exact fit for your windows, and then your installation ability.

Altering a Wooden Venetian Blind

If you are confident in your ability to measure and install your blind then the internet companies are a good option. The blind will be made to your exact sizes, so it is just a case of installing it.

barlow blinds measuring window for blinds

If you really don’t fancy the idea or are not confident then the measure and install service from your local blind company is the right choice for you. They will take care of everything.

The best place to buy blinds if choice is important turns the other 3 on their heads.

Your local blind store will have the best selection of blind styles and fabrics for you to chose from. So if you are looking for something special or if you have a colour in mind then the blind store is the place to go.

Barlow Blinds Showroom

The internet companies will have a fairly good range, but please be careful as some colours that you see on your screen may look slightly different when your blind arrives.

The DIY stores will have a fairly limited range of fabrics/colours that will tend to be fairly neutral as they will be designed to appeal to the mass market.

I hope this has helped explain the various options when it comes to the best place to buy blinds.

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