Luxaflex Blinds…… The Designer name for window blinds

“I only want to look at your top of the range products” Not something I get asked everyday. But when it comes to top of the range products, there is only one range and that’s Luxaflex Blinds.

If you are looking for something truly different to cover your windows then the Luxaflex Blinds might be worth a look, but I will warn you they do carry a premium when it comes to price.

The reason for the premium price comes down to their innovation and the quality of their materiel and designs. For instance, roller blinds like the ones we offer are still one of the most popular blinds on the market, but they certainly come with their limitations. The downside with traditional roller blinds is that they can either be up or down, with no option or flexibility when it comes to filtering the light. Luxaflex did their research and testing and launched two new innovative roller blind designs to combat this issue: Twist Blinds and Pirouette Blinds.

The Twist Blinds operate like a traditional roller blinds in functionality, however, instead of a single piece of fabric they have 2, one running behind the other.

The fabrics have horizontal stripes: one solid band and one voile stripe. By matching the voile stripes you allow more light into the room and simply pull the cord to move the stripes apart and you have total privacy. The video below illustrates how this works really well:

Pirouette Blinds are similar in how they work with the option of total privacy and a voile section for great light control, and are the ultimate in luxury.

Again, watching the video below will give you the best understanding of exactly how these blinds work, so please watch and enjoy!

When it comes to energy saving, Luxaflex also take things to a new level with their Duette blinds and Architella fabrics.

Both fabrics are honeycomb in design so they act like an extra layer of double glazing to prevent heat loss in the winter and to reduce the heat entering the rooms in summer.

The Duette fabric is a single honeycomb as seen in the picture below. Read more here about how the Duette design works.

duette honeycomb

The Architella fabric has a double honeycomb – the ultimate blind for energy saving.


Luxaflex blinds not only have fantastic and unusual fabrics they also have clever ways of operating the blinds to give you the most flexability when is come to shading and privacy.

Traditional blinds generally have the fabric fixed at the top and then the blind move down the window, the duette and architella blinds also have an option where you can pull the blind down from the top to allow light in but still have privacy at the bottom of the window. Perfect for bedrooms.

top down duette

Luxaflex Blinds also have some very unique ways to work the blinds, if you like the idea of having no operating cords then their Literise system will be perfect for you. Simply raise and lower the blind by hand:

For ultimate in luxury, you can even have Luxaflex Blinds that can be operated by either remote control or your phone or tablet.

This hopefully has given you a small insight into some of the incredible and innovative designer blinds available from Luxaflex Blinds. However, for the full experience I fully recommend visiting us or your local Luxaflex Dealer in store to get a real feel for these blinds and how they work – and see their beauty and innovation for yourself!

Want to experience our Luxaflex range up close? Come down to our showroom in Leicester! Click here for directions.