Best ways to measure conservatory blinds

Replacing the blinds in a conservatory can make a big difference to the room but we can not forget about the importance of size. Measuring windows for perfect fit conservatory blinds can be a trickier task than it seems.


Deciding where to hang the blind

Before you being any measuring you need to decide if you want the blinds on the inside or the outside of the recess, as the measurements you take will affect the final look. Do you want the contemporary, flush fit of a blind inside the recess or would you prefer it outside? Think about what suits your interior best.


A window recess is an area that your window sits within. Fitting your blind inside the recess can maximise space in your room, creating the window dressing that sits seamlessly in your interior and flat to your window. But if your window has a recess you have the option of fitting the blind inside or outside if there is not recess then you’ll be measuring the blind straight to the wall.

Also, take the depth of the window into consideration as a general rule if the recess has a depth smaller than 60mm or if the window opens inwards the blinds should be fitted on the outside.

Blind Measuring

Tip – if you are fitting the blinds in your kitchen or bathroom the space from each side is more than likely going to be the narrowest point in the recess. Measure between tiles to ensure your blind will fit. You will need to top-fix or face-fix your brackets in this case.


Top tip for roller blinds – when fitting and measuring for roller blinds it’s slightly different. Measure at the top of the recess and between the tiles then compare those two measurements. If the difference between the two is less than 25mm, use the measurement at the top if it’s more use the measurement between the tiles.


If you are replacing your old blinds with ones of the same size and style simply measure the blind itself – including all its fittings and specify exact fitting, and the same size one will be able to be cut for you in the new style.



The perfect fit blinds

Simply measure the visible area of each window or door, remember to use a metal tape measure so it doesn’t bend to make the results inaccurate. Only measure up to the edge of the rubber bead and don’t include it in your measurement. Measure from the inside edges of the form where the glass meets the rubber bead. You shouldn’t include any of the beading or rubber seals in your measurements. Measure the top of the middle and the bottom of the glass to the nearest mm and note down the shortest measurement.


Top tip – check the distance between the edge of the window beading and any obstructions such as window handles. This should be more than 6mm.
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