Why We Love White Venetian Blinds

White wooden blinds are a great solution for all of the windows in your home. They are quick to install, simple to use and maintain yet they still look luxurious and give the room a level of class and sophistication.

Interior design goals are often fulfilled with white wooden blinds as they coordinate with your space no matter the style of the room. This modest natural shade is extremely versatile, adaptable to both modern and traditional room designs. You are able to express your individuality through the rest of the room with lots of different coloured accessories or bold wall colours. The blinds could also be covered with additional window dressings such as a pair of patterned curtains or to give off an elegant feel some sheer voile. Adding extra fabric to the blinds can also help soften up space if you are mindful of too many straight outlines and corners.


Can blinds really open up a room?

White wooden Venetian blinds are a lifesaver when it comes to opening up space within a room and giving it that neutral, bright, airy feeling. We tend to overlook window dressings when we are decorating and designing a room, we put a lot more focus on furniture and the floor plan. We all tend to take priority of where the furniture will go and how easy it will be to navigate around the room, but blinds and window dressing should also be a priority.


Why we really love white Venetian blinds

Practical – They match every single colour and design you could ever put in a room.

Opens up Space – Whether your room is small or large the beauty of white wooden blinds can give a very elegant effect and can make any room feel brighter.

Privacy – You control the amount of light you want in your room, with the easy control cord you can either have them fully up, down or halfway. You can also use the rod to have the blinds slanting to allow in a small amount of light.

Durable and flexible – Great investment due to them matching everything, therefore, if you are one that gets bored with the same style and colours in a room you wouldn’t have to worry to get a new window dressing, as they’ll be sure to match your new style.

Natural insulator – Wood is known to be a natural insulator meaning that these white wooden blinds will help reduce the amount of heat loss from your windows. Researchers have found that wooden blinds actually insulate up to 50% more heat than a traditional curtain.


It’s all in the finish!

Sometimes it can be all in the finish – varnishes and glosses can make a huge difference. Finishing details are key but it can be tricky to know which you would prefer, there are options to add texture to the white Venetian blinds, this would be by applying a spray coating but for a more sleek and smooth finish you would opt for the flat coating. With white wooden Venetian blinds, there is also an option to add in tapes, the blinds normally come with white tapes but if you wanted to add an edgy feel you could try using the black, grey or a wooden tone.
For more information about our white wooden blinds and to find out about how they could fit into your next redecoration plan, please feel free to get in touch, our team will be happy to help.