Case Studies

Wooden Venetian Blinds: Are they suitable for every room?

A question we get ask a lot ‘Are wooden Venetians suitable for every room in my house?” The simple answer is yes, but to get the perfect blinds for each room you need to look at the different types of wooden blinds that are available. Did you know there are Privacy wooden blinds that are […]

Bi-fold and French Door Blinds

The past few years have seen a move from the more traditional sliding patio doors to French Doors and more recently Bi-Fold Doors.   These styles of doors look fantastic but are not suitable for the more traditional style of window blinds, so as trends change so do our products. There are 2 ideal products for […]

Shaped and Apex Blinds

Shaped and Apex / gable end windows are a stunning feature for any home or conservatory. While they add a real feature to any room it can be a little difficult to find blinds that suit. We are seeing many more unusually shaped windows as Architects and Builders get more and more adventurous, so the […]