Vertical Blinds: Why do the pockets fall apart?

  We have just had a customer visit our showroom with arms full of vertical fabrics. She had had the whole house fitted with blinds, but 2 years later the bottom pockets of her fabric had fallen apart. This is something we come across fairly regularly and there is always the same reason for them […]

Bathroom Blinds

When choosing bathroom blinds it is really important that you chose fabrics or blind types that would suit moist conditions. I visited a house recently about replacing their current bathroom blinds. The first thing I noticed was the black mold on their roller blinds. The blinds were not that old but the fabric was just […]

Changing fabric on your Roller Blind

  A question we get asked a lot when it comes to roller blinds is if we decide to re-decorate and have a different colour scheme do we have to replace the complete blind. The simple answer is no, your local blind company can just replace the fabric and re-use the hardware, so there is no […]

Vertical Blinds: Great if you fancy a change.

On the customer information sheet it said measure for 7 Vertical Blinds. I pulled up to the house and there were already Vertical Blinds in the windows, maybe its an extension or a conservatory. “I really hope you can help me, I just want new fabric for my blinds, not the whole blind replaced” Everyone […]